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Mum FightAnother ugly public brawl caught on camera. The fight between two women broke out on a train and it's believed one of them was pregnant. 2015-09-01 19:00:00Title is the show date and time for the headline in the first link. Must be in the format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss where hh is in 24 hour time.
  • Friday, 2nd October 2015
  • Casket Home

    They're the Aussie brothers who've won the lottery not once, but twice. Now, they're hoping to strike gold a third time.
  • Super Tricks

    The idea of retirement can be daunting, especially if you're not sure that you have the funds saved to support a comfortable lifestyle. Now, there's an easy way to find out where you stand financially and how long your nest egg will last.
  • Arthritis Exclusive

    A new, affordable treatment is helping to block the crippling pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis, with one pill taken twice a day. The medication is now available and it's not the only promising development in the fight against the debilitating disease.
  • Strata Nightmares

    Soaring house prices mean more Australians are living in apartments. But there are plenty of hidden traps, for both buyers and renters, that often leave families frustrated and angry.
  • Mum Fight

    Another ugly public brawl caught on camera. The fight between two women broke out on a train and it's believed one of them was pregnant.
  • Thursday, 1st October 2015
  • Giannasca

    John Giannasca has become a regular face on A Current Affair. First, his wife disappeared into thin air, believed to have been murdered. Then years later, John's father dies after being run over by a car which John was driving.
  • Cynthia

    The disgraced former cosmetic surgeon who is back at work and allegedly claiming she's a registered doctor, despite having no such accreditation.
  • Kiwi Deports

    Violent New Zealand criminals, cold-blooded kiwi killers, fraudsters posing as royalty, and dangerous thugs loaded up with drugs and weapons. They've all been imported into Australia from across the Tasman and now we're sending them back.
  • Flatmate Grub

    Flatmate wanted - nice bedroom, great views, close to public transport and your flatmate might even film you in the bathroom. Tonight on A Current Affair, we make a surprise appearance at an open for inspection where a convicted Peeping Tom has advertised for new tenants.

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